I often work 'after nature', for three reasons: first of all it teaches me what a subject really looks like. Secondly, it is a way to practise what is called 'hand - eye co-ordination'. It's like a violinist practising scales. And thirdly, it's a way of getting new ideas.

  • Tree (sketch)

    Tree (sketch)


  • Uprooted beech tree

    Uprooted beech tree

    Pencil on paper. Study for 'uprooted' executed on perspex

  • Trumpet tree (sketch)

    Trumpet tree (sketch)

    pencil/paper. Study for 'trumpet tree' on perspex.

  • Study for 'life cycle' 1

    Study for 'life cycle' 1

    Pencil on paper

  • Study for 'life cycle' 2

    Study for 'life cycle' 2

    Pencil on paper

  • Oak branch

    Oak branch

    Pencil on paper

  • Cows at Kootwijk, the netherlands

    Cows at Kootwijk, the netherlands